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This platform is a piracy website and was created a group of people who planned to release all the new movies for their customers through their domain and this was created from a place from the disclosed location. During this creation, the head of the platform has an idea of releasing all the movies within one week of the release of the film and also movies counters platform wash in a plan of making it readily available for all their users and also this is a piracy website they face many legal issues and also the government of many countries blocked this website frequently but still this editor come with new URL domains to stay available for their users.



This platform releases all movies within a day of release and also before the release of the film sometimes so this is an act of piracy and it also faces many consequences so using this type of platform of websites dangerous at times and this is purely based on your own risk because it may effective in some love breaking issues but still as you are a small part of the whole world who are using this platform you are on a safer side so this has become more vulnerable in front of the hackers but we pray for you to use this website on your own risk that is why the government is banning please website more and more and also frequently.


This platform is accessible for free to everyone in downloading a movie but there are also alternative websites that are available in the search engine for you to download movies and they all also offer you to download movies for free and also that alternative websites are considered as piracy websites and vulnerable websites. There are many websites and platforms when we consider an alternative for movies counter that are TamilRockers, Madras rockers, Tamil guns, Movies da, and many more websites that are available like this.


Why do we have to say that movies counters is the best platform when we consider with another platform there are many reasons to say that movies counter is the best platform in downloading your movies because even though the government is blocking all other websites of this movies counter they come up with the new URL instantly to deliver to the users. So this is the major unique feature that movies counter do without a delay and also they deliver you with not only Hollywood movies they also prefer to establish Tamil Hindi Telugu Malayalam and also Kannada movie and  also there is a huge collection of movies in Hollywood also which is also dubbed in it so considering the fact of this movie they are having a huge number of movies that are dubbed in many languages from Hollywood movies so this is the best feature that this platform is having when we are compared to another platform in downloading the dubbed movies from Hollywood section of film and after that, you could also download popular or unpopular episodes of the film also from this platform where you could enjoy it peacefully and after that when will consider the quality of video they deliver us from the low quality to high quality equal with their effort and implementation so this is the major factor that they are considered to be the best out of other platform and also to be considered as the renowned and efficient platform in this present generation when we are comparing it with other website and another platform has been not successful as compared to this one.


So we strongly recommend that this platform is the best platform for you to download your favourite movie and entertain yourself with your friends and families endlessly without any introduction of these platforms’ legal issues.


This domain and the website are also illegal to the government course this is known for establishing the pirated movies and pirated content in their domain and web page for the users so this is the major reason for this domain to be called as in legal pirated website then consider inside of government, but keeping the point of legal issues for this website and domain the user does not worry for downloading the movie content because the user has many ways to direct themselves into this platform for downloading their favorite movie content and video content with good quality of audio and also with their convenient subtitle. so we recommend is being a user does not get affected by any of the legal issues by the government for downloading these types of pirated movies through this domain and website because we are not directing yourself into this platform for commercial purposes it is purely for entertainment purpose.


HOW TO DOWNLOAD movies on movies counter

Due to the temporary change of the domain and URL of this platform because of legal issues which they face by the government and also due to the temporary change of the URL and domain link the users find inconvenience in searching about the working domain to download their favorite movies in the website so what we recommend is you could search the domain name in the search engine and you would get a list of websites available on the search result so you could find the better website which forwards you into the original website for downloading it and also enjoy it so the first step is to find the walking domain of the website and to enter into it and select the preferred movie which you have to download it and enjoy it according to your convenience and then select the quality which you need to download and also the extra things which are a subtitle for your convenient purpose for your understanding to the language.


This content is for reference purposes only and this website does not promote piracy. Piracy is an act of crime and we do not promote it. We should abide by our laws and the above information is just for reference.